Digital Dentistry Equipment

Digital Dentistry Equipment

DTS, supported by our sister digital manufacturing company Core3dcentres, are authorised distributors for 3Shape TRIOS Intra-oral scanning, 3M True Definition Intra-oral scanning and various other milling and printing equipment to help you develop a modern dental practice. 

We have been delivering restorations through CAD/CAM technology for over 20 years with our team of both technicians and engineers. 
With our long-established track record, DTS is well-placed to support you as you go through the same transition we made many years ago, from analogue to digital. 

Digital technology is more about the understanding and support of workflows and how different machinery interact. 
So if you are thinking about purchasing an oral scanner or even a full practice lab solution, look no further. DTS can guide and advise you.

Whether you are fully immersed into the digital process or only partly, we will have a solution to fit your needs. We can also accept any file from an open scanner to produce your desired restoration. 

Understanding and delivering the true benefits of purchasing an intra-oral scanner;
  • Accuracy and consistency 
  • Live 'feedback' on the impression and occlusal clearance
  • 360° views of dentition to aid case planning
  • Control over 'setting the bite' for the dentist 
  • Improved turnaround times
  • An end to patient re-seatings for second impression taking